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Medi-Blue Deluxe Conversion/Cancellation

Conversion Privilege

If you had coverage with an employer group plan for Ambulance/Hospital Semi-Private and/or Extended Health Benefits you may be eligible for Medi-Blue Plan or Medi-Blue Deluxe Plan coverage immediately. There is no waiting period providing you apply within 60 days of losing employer group coverage. Your coverage will become effective the first of the month following the termination date of your previous coverage. (A letter from your previous carrier or your employer is required unless the coverage was with Manitoba Blue Cross.)

Cancellation of Coverage

Notification must be submitted to Manitoba Blue Cross in writing. Your contract will be cancelled the last day of the month following 30 days from the date notification is received.

Please Note: If coverage is cancelled, you will not be permitted to re-enroll in this plan for two years from the cancellation date.

You can purchase a Blue Cross plan online, in person at our office, or the general insurance agent in your area.

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